xclip can put the output of a command into the X-clipborad if we pipe the command into xclip.

ls -la | xclip

xclip can also directly copy the content of the following file:

xclip SomeOtherFile.txt

xclip -o can print the stuff in X-clipboard.

xclip -o > output.txt

If you’re on a Mac the equivalent command is pbcopy.

Useful Options / Examples


ls -la | xclip -selection clipboard
Break it down

We can specify which X selection to use. The default is “primary”. Other options are “secondary” and “clipboard”. “clipboard” means the system clipboard. Thus, in the upper example, we can use Ctrl+Shift+v to paste the result later.

To make life easier

As mentioned, -selection clipboard is more convenient than default setting, making an alias can make the life much easier:

alias xclip='xclip -selction clipboard'

-loops, -l

who | xclip -loops 3 -verbose
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With -loops, xclip will wait until it receives certain number of X-selection requests. In the example, -verbose makes xclip provide a running commentary of what it is doing.