history is used to list command history. By default, history will print the last 500 commands typed into the terminal.

$ history
  498  third_most_recent_command
  499  second_most_recent_command
  500  most_recent_command
  501  history

Useful Options

history | grep <search_string>

This option allows you to search for most recent commands containing the search string

$ history | grep cd
    9  cd /home/name/secrets
   11  cd topSecrets
   14  history | grep cd


This shortcut runs the #th command from your history.

$ !11
cd topSecrets


This option will execute the last command starting with . My favorite use for this is the following:

$ !.
./lastExecutable with lots of command line options

Executing !m (to run the makefile) followed by !. saves me lots of typing time.

history -c

This options clears your history - this is for when you don’t want anyone to know that you accessed your secrets/topSecrets directory