The command cmatrix draws a Neo style matrix on your terminal and makes you feel a little more geekier.

$ sudo apt-get install cmatrix

After install cmatrix, just type in the command in command line window. Like

$ cmatrix -option 


-a: Asynchronour scroll

-b: Bold characters on

-B: All bold characters(overrides -b)

-f: Force the Linux $TERM type to be on

-l: Linux mode (sets “matrix.fnt” font in console)

-o: Use old-style scrolling

-h: Print usage and exit

-n: No bold characters (overrides -b and -B)

-s: “Screensaver” mode, exits on first keystroke

-u delay: Screen update delay 0 - 9, default 4

-C color: Use this color for matrix (default green). Valid colors are green, red, blue, white, yellow, cyan, magenta, and black.


Magic happens. Hold Ctrl + z to exit.


This program is very CPU intensive. Don’t be surprised if it eats up over 40% ofCPU at times.