bg is used to continue a stopped job by running it in the background. By default, bg will simply resume the most recently suspended job. bg will commonly be used with the fg and jobs commands.

$ bg
$ bg [%jobID]

Useful Options / Examples

bg [%jobID]

$ jobs
[1]- Running    bash
[2]+ Stopped    cp /usr/LargeDir /usr/SomewhereElse
$ bg %2
$ echo "Run more jobs while cp /usr/LargeDir /usr/SomewhereElse runs in background"
Break it down
  • The %2 brings job number 2 to the background. Alternatively %cp would bring the same job to the background.
  • Bringing multiple jobs is possible by using the syntax:
$ bg [%jobID1] [%jobID2] [%jobID3] ... [%jobIDN]